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These are the main principles from ho'oponopono, which I use in my healing work, called the Radical Responsibility Method:

1. Oneness.

Everyone is an aspect of me.
I am an aspect of them.
We are all aspects of Divinity.

2. Everything on the outside is a projection from the inside.

Everyone in your life tells you either what to heal within yourself, or what you've done right (given the things you've wanted to learn).

3.  Heal yourself first.

Aim the healing at you first, and then it will flow out to the other aspects of you.  When you have healed an issue, you will often find the other people in your life that mirrored that particular issue either are healed of it too, don't exhibit it around you, or you just aren't around them anymore. 

People heal themselves with this method by telling themselves/Divinity any of the following phrases "I love you," "I am sorry," "Thank you," "I appologize," and "Forgive me."  If you are familiar with Dr. Emoto's water crystal experiments, you know what a powerful effect these phrases have.  *For specific healing statements see below.

4.  Unpleasant Events often = unpleasant memories from the inside, replaying in your life on the outside; or they can also result from old limited thought patterns you were once taught (memories of limited teachings). 

Clear the memories and it will clear the issue in your life too, and often in the lives of those around you.  Then replace those memories with what you want to experience now by stating what you *choose to have now*, with conviction.

5.  You don't have to know what an issue is in order to clear it. 

Though sometimes you get much catharsis from knowing what the issue is, if you just know there is a problem you can clear it this way- "Whatever it is in me that creates (problem) in (name), I heal it within me now.  I am sorry and I love myself completely."  Or "Whatever (name) is showing me to heal within myself, I heal it now.  I am sorry and I love myself completely."

6.  Clearing memories feels like:

a- emotional release,
b-an extremely peaceful, comfy feeling (that can even be felt by others in the room oftentimes)
c.  an AHA!
d. a blank space in your memory-  I will often forget what it was I was even working on so hard just moments before.  I will get a big AHA! and then blankness.  If I am using this method with a partner, the other person helping me will often experience this odd amnesia too.  Though my mind and ego want to figure out what it was that it worked so earnestly to heal just a minute ago,  I have to just let it go and stay with the peaceful feeling (and not draw the expereince back to myself!) and go with the the certainty that the issue is gone now...whatever it was ;-)  This isn't the same as repression, it just feels gone.

7.  If an issue still pushes your buttons, you haven't cleared it. 

Ho'oponopono heals the buttons that people usually push. That is how you know when to do the healing, when you have an irritation or a judgement, or when someone tells you of a problem.  And there are often different layers to heal around one issue. In this case, you keep peeling the onion until the onion dissapears!

My practice: The Radical Responsibility Method

During my healing work, I blend the practice of ho'oponopono with the practice of creating your own reality, using something I call the Radical Responsibility Method.  In this pactice, once I clear something I no longer want in my life, I will then replace it with something I do want.   This is a very easy and effective tool for life transformation. 

I use several scripts during this process that I and others have made up.  Use whatever ones work for you.


The following are examples of some of the scripts I, personally, use:


Address all of these to yourself-



  • For healing a memory, see yourself as you are now standing beside the former self that was experiencing the hurtful event (or right after). Tell her/him you are sorry s/he went through that and you love her/him unconditionally. (Note: the "sorry" here doesn't mean that the experience wasn't valuable for learning, it is an empathy "sorry.")


  • I am sorry (insert problem) happened to you. Just because (name of problem) happened before, doesn't mean it has to happen now.  Now I experience (insert what you want now).  I love you completely. (repeat last part)


  • Whatever it is in me that creates (name of problem) in (name of person), I heal it within me now.  I am sorry and I love myself completely. (repeat last part)


  • Whatever (name of person) is showing me to heal within myself, I heal it now.  I am sorry and I love myself completely.


  • Or you can simply say, to yourself or your Higher Self, over and over, whether you know the issue or not, some of these phrases: I’m sorry. I love you.  I apologize. Thank you.  Forgive me. 


Useful questions to ask yourself when using this method:


  • If (person's name who you are having a conflict with) is an aspect of me, then why would I bring this into my life?  (Note: the answer here could be "Because I am used to this happening" implying a habit of expereincing this in you life, or "it is what I expected.")


  • What does this remind me of that has happened to me before? OR Is it something I witnessed growing up?  Is it something I was told was inevitable, and if so does it REALLY have to be?


  • Does this represent a limited thought that I learned while growing up?  Does that have to be true for me now?  What do I want to experience now?


  • What do I love myself enough to bring into my life today?

When doing this type of healing in a group you will experience shifts in yourself and get to witness them in others.  You will gain more insight into your life, you will accelerate your healing process if you use them regularly, and you can create the future you want.


My healing circle info can be found here: To have a private session with me in which I help you intuitively to find the core issues that are causing your challenges and help you to clear these and replace them with what you want to manifest,








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