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Welcome all!  Please read before entering the chatroom: This is a pleasant, safe, healing place. Upon entering, adjust your intent to heal yourself and to aid others in their healing :-) There is a circle cast in this room to contain the healing energies.  Trust, love, and heal your experience of life!!!


For private scheduled sessions: enter the Healing Circle (You may have to unblock pop-ups to get the chatroom to work.)

Ongoing healing circle postings at  This is one that you can participate in at anytime by posting, or using the "review" function.

Ho'oponopono healing requests:  send email to

How the sessions work:

Transforming Your Life Through Radical Responsibility

This healing circle is based primarily on the practice of a Hawaiian healing method called ho'oponopono.  In this method, we take full responsibility for everything that enters our life, seeing the outside as a projection from the inside. Therefore when practicing this, everyone that comes into your life is telling you what you need to clear, or heal, within yourself, or they are showing you what you've done right.  Therefore, if a co-worker is complaining about the way no one listens to her, we would ask ourselves what this person is showing us that we, need to heal within us.  Do we have memories of going through the same thing? Are we going through the same thing now?  Have *we* not been listening to someone?  Each person becomes a healing messenger. And we don't have to necessarily know exactly what it is they are telling us to heal, we just need to know that there is a conflict to clear, and it still works.

Once we heal something within us though the Divine power of love, empathy and forgiveness, it often also heals in other people in our lives, automatically.  Because one of the other teachings of this, and many other healing traditions, is that we are all ONE.  The other people in your life are literally aspects of you.  You heal yourself; you heal them too.

In this circle, we will blend the practice of ho'oponopono with the practice of creating your own reality.  Therefore once we clear something we no longer want in our lives, we will then replace it with something we do.   This is a very easy and effective tool for life transformation.



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