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Best of the Best Mandala Sites
Earth Mandalas- this is the site that started it all for me!  Beautiful mandalas made from nature photography

Corinna Zubim Lyon- Peace Mandalas.  One of my faves!  Love the gold on them.

Eve Naia- beautiful mandalas and nice website

Symmetrical Universe
-Stunning black and white radiographic pen mandalas

The Natural Mandala- attractive and impressive!  Made from organic materials!

Full Circle Project- brilliant!  Mandala project for peace in the Middle East

The Mandala Project - a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting peace through art and education

Clare Goodwin's Site- this is probably the best mandala resource page on the web, by a mandala author

Eye Pop Art- Awesome- mandalas painted on recycled records!

StarWheels By Aya- airbrushed mandalas, called "neo-mandalas" and Beings of Radiance

Think Artful- mandalas made from photos of objects

MandalaVisions- beautiful acrylic mandalas on round canvasses

Mandalas by Loraine - large mandala paintings inspired by meditation

MandalaZone - intricate black and white mandalas

The Circle Within -colored pencil mandala drawings

Art Harmony Creations - bright Prisma Color mandalas

Mandala Art Plates - gorgeous mandala plates

Art From the Center- digital Mandalart Healing Images

Eyes of the Sun- fabric art mandalas the spiritual art of art of Paul Heussenstamm.  One of his mandalas was in The Last Mimzy- love that movie!

SacredCircles Art -symbolic imagery from meditation and spiritual practice

Kristi Bridgeman-warm and earthy looking mandalas

Art Glass Mosaics - beautiful mosaic mandalas

Mandala-Universe- creator of the Mandala Healing kit and author of mandala books

Mandala Joy Rising- stylized watercolor mandalas

Four Ravens Design-magical circles of color, shape, and deep meaning with a Southwest influence.

Sacred Paintings- the visionary art of of Peter Eglington

Maagalot- Hebrew for Mandala

Chris Flisher Mandalas- expressions of optimism and light

Margi Gibb- "Primitive-Pop" Mandalas

Sand's Mandalas- mystical themes from many spiritual traditions Erik Grind's brightly colored mandalas

Circle Stories- channeled Healing and Soul mandalas

Sandra Joran- cosmic looking mandalas

Kasia's Fiber Art Studio- uses mandalas in her designs

Marjorie Kaye- glowing linear mandalas

Frizz Kirby- stunning pastel mandalas

Sacred Mandalas of the Heart- wow these were created with gel pens on black paper!

Creativity for the Soul Fantasy Flower Mandala Paintings

Rebecca La Mothe- airbrushed and handbrushed mandalas

Joan Lansbury- "Joy Of Discovery" mandalas

Maria Leal- Belgian mandala artist

Green Dragon Arts-hand drawn colored pencil mandalas

Serpent Mandalas- includes Chakra and Astrology Mandalas

Self Images- glowing colored pencil on black paper mandalas

CoreLight- flower-like and Zodiac mandalas

Angela Treat Lyon- brightly colored gouache and sumi mandalas

Grate Works- love these!  Fashioned after manhole covers, on handmade paper and have Chinese symbols on them.  Beautiful!

June Moon- vivid watercolor mandalas

Ojo de Dios- Mandalas influenced by the Mexican "Eye of God" design

Zodiac Arts -mandalas + astrology

Christine Rainbird cool embellished mandalas

Mieke Micker- mandalas for meditation and relaxation

JeweledLotus- the Tantric Spiritual Art of Nadean O'Brien

Art of David Rankine- gouache and goldleaf mandalas on matboard

Goddess Mandalas- "Mandalas for Mother Earth" based on images & symbols of prehistoric Europe

Aurora Visionary Art- creating effects of radiant light thru watercolors

Mandalas from the Soul- represent a tunnel where the artist immerses herself in a stream of light

Byrd Tetzlaff- nice! polymer clay on tile mandalas

The Illuminated Mandala- illuminating and illuminated!

Mandala Weaver- glowing mandalas on black

A Magic Mom and Her Mandalas- bright colored pencil mandalas acrylic and giclee mandalas

Other Spiritual Links

The Foundation of I- SITH ho'oponopono site.  Great articles!

News for the Soul- there are a few interviews here with Dr. Len the ho'oponopono Dr. mentioned in Joe Vitale's article.

I have free spiritual exercises posted here. free dream logs, private or public, with discussion or interpretations, and ongoing dream experiments.


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