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About My Work

I create each mandala with a certain intention in mind such as the intention to heal, energize, soothe, inspire, manifestlove, etc.  Working with colors, designs and "words of intentions," I play with the transparency, sharpness, color, shapes and sizes of each layer and stack one on another, adjusting the design as I go.  It can take me anywhere from a couple hours to a few months to get the look that portrays the energy/intention I want.  Some of my mandalas have up to 52 layers!  Seen on a wall across the room, the energy seems to radiate out towards you as light. 


Using a graphics program, I work with "words of intention" or Power Words that go with the theme of the piece (such as: love, healing, community, oneness, sensuality, giving/receiving, joy, peace, etc.) and filter them until the words are unreadable designs, though the energy and intention remain.  The words then become what looks like the linear elements of my designs. 

By using graphics programs I can allow "divine randomness" to come up with some patterns that I wouldn't have thought of, and so coincedence becomes a huge design tool for me!  I love being surprised by how the layers look together and how the words look after being filtered, and how the whole thing comes together perfectly!  Also, when you look closely you can often see images of Divine beings, such as angels, emerge and they often look as if they are opening their arms to embrace you or raising their arms in celebration of you!

Symbolic Colors

Most of my colors are based on the chakra system.  Here's a basic overview of the meaning of the colors, but it's not by any means comprehensive:

Root Chakra- security, safety, choosing to be here now, releasing, fight or flight, immune system, skin system, circulatory system, sex/sensuality

Sacral Chakra- creativity, right livelihood, fertility

Solar Plexus Chakra- inner power, confidence, energy

Heart Chakra- love, community, connection, compassion, empathy, heart health, respiratory health

Throat Chakra- communication, expressing yourself, throat, thyroid, mouth

Third Eye Chakra- psychic senses, dreams, eyes, brain

Crown Chakra- connection with the divine, oneness, Godself, brain (again)

I also use these colors:

Pink: unconditional love

White (pretend this is white): divinity, protection

God/dess in the Details

My recent mandala, "The Union of the God and the Goddess," is a perfect example of how, through divine coincedence, images emerge from the designs in the mandala that go perfectly with the intent of the piece.  I have no idea how to do this on purpose.  This is why I love this method of art.  Through supposed randomness, I allow the Universe to create through me. 

"The Merging of the God with the Goddess" is about the unity of the sacred feminine with the sacred male. 

The first image that jumped out at me was the image of the Nile River Goddess, also known as the paleolithic Egyptian Mother Goddess.

Next the image that jumped out of me was of a mandorla or vesica piscis.  This image is made when two circles overlap.  It is the almond shape in the middle. It was used in medieval Christian art a lot of times and represents a stylized vulva or uterus.  This shape can be seen repeated in this piece.  It can be seen behind the above Nile River Goddess also.

Next, the most obvious symbolism can be seen repeated throughout this piece is of the lingam uniting with the yoni, which represents the male uniting with the female.  You can see examples of this type of symbolism in the Shiva Lingam art of India.  Specifically the image with the yellow background on that link.  This imagery can be seen throughout the piece too.  Notice the male entering the mandorla.

A person that can be seen in the details.   



The colors red and orange represent the root chakra and sacral chakra, respectively.


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