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Starting August 1, 2010 I will be doing in-person Life Empowerment Readings and selling energy mandalas at  Monarch Natural Healing, LLC  in Pisgah Forest, NC, in addition to doing my web and email readings through this website.  I will also be joining forces with Sierra Lamanna, a medical intuitve, to offer complete Mind, Body, Spirit Reading packages.

Using intuition, spiritual knowledge and tools such as tarot, angel cards, and two divination systems that I designed, I do readings regarding relationships, money, career, spirituality and well-being. My card readings are honest and to-the-point. I may not tell you what you want to hear, but I tell you what I see. What I usually see, using divination, is the most likely outcome, given the way things are headed now. You can usually change that outcome, if you don't like it, by changing your thoughts and actions. I can give you the tools you need to steer your life in a more desirable direction: custom affirmations, visualizations, chakra work and other exercises, as well as manifestation and empowerment coaching. I also can teach you a deep healing technique that works to heal your thoughts, and therefore your life, or teach you how to develop your own psychic abilities. 

My main artform is digital mandalas.  I was a painting major in school but got discouraged with trying to portray my spiritual feelings through painting.    I always felt they fell short of the evocative effects I wanted.  Then I learned how to make digital mandalas, and I feel they produce a sense of unity with Spirit that I had wanted in my art for years.  And in fact, traditionally in many cultures, mandalas have portrayed ideas such as "wholeness" and "the Universe."  I started incorporating Power Words (such as love, healing, security, etc.) into the design of my mandalas, and working with chakra colors.  This added to the evocative energy even more.  Then I found I could use them in my healing and manifestation work, using them as magical objects of focus.

  As for my writing, I am currently working on a book to go with my Core Transformation cards  that I designed using my mandala art.  Click on that link to try them out for free.



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