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From the eGuide, "If you were to write down every thought you had during the day, what percentage of those thoughts would be what you would term positive*? What percentage would be what you term negative*? To change your life, you must change your thoughts."

"111 Affirmations for Transformation" is a useful tool to help you replace old self-defeating thoughts with new thoughts that are more supportive to your goals.  The affirmations are grouped into sections under headings such as "Relationships," "Abundance," and "Healing" to make the list user-friendly, and they come with directions for use.

Example affirmations included in the guide:

I allow love to flow to and from me.

Shining my light helps others to shine theirs.

I am surrounded by healthy people who love and support me.

I am now suspending expectation and allowing for surprises.

I am absolutely ready and open to receive.

Happy Creating!

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